Why Study Dance

Why study Dance?


Dance engages the mind, body and spirit and provides opportunities for the development of physical, expressive, “critical, imaginative, appreciative and perceptive abilities” (Bannon & Sanderson 2000). Students develop Continue reading

Teaching Pirouettes

All City Opera's production of Cinderella
All City Opera’s production of Cinderella

I teach a lot of pirouettes from 5th position because, as my theory goes (and you’re welcome to weigh in), a pirouette is a balance that turns. Therefore, you must find that balance over the supporting leg first. At an advanced level, Continue reading

Why Not Teach Contemporary Dance To Beginners?

Poetry In Motion Ladder 1Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet and modern in it’s┬ámost simplistic definition. And most western dance forms acknowledge that ballet is the foundation of them all, not because it’s superior, but because it came first. So it’s difficult to teach or for that matter learn other forms Continue reading

History of Ballet

Ernst_Oppler_Ballet_DancerThe earliest precursors to ballets were lavish entertainments given in the courts of Renaissance Italy. These elaborate spectacles, which united painting, poetry, music, and dancing, took place in large halls Continue reading