Coaching Health and Wellness

After years of professional development in the health and wellness field, I am proud to be affiliated with the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Visit my blog here Healing Consortium for a wellness discussion. I love the fact that much of this type of coaching is done over the phone (telephonically) which fits well into busy lifestyles and limited budgets.

Why Choose Wellness Coaching  

Change is possible through coaching! Many of us need help when adopting new habits. The challenge is in the execution. To help close the gap between thinking about change and taking action, I can provide personalized support to help you design a plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle in order to:

  • manage your weight
  • quit smoking
  • healthier food choices
  • adopt or adapt an exercise plan
  • reduce your stress
  • change habits

Wellness coaching can make a difference even if other approaches haven’t. During your initial individual phone session, we will assess your readiness for change and define what success looks like to you. We will also talk about your environment and what kind of support you may need from friends and family. During follow-up phone sessions, I’ll offer support and guidance as you work to find your motivation, partner with others to gain support, and figure out how to be your healthiest self.


Benefits of Wellness Coaching:

  • Convenient: Make the call from your home or any location that works for you.
  • Hassle free: Call from wherever you are.
  • Flexible: Phone appointments are based on your schedule.
  • Non-judgmental: Coaches accept and acknowledge where you are now.
  • Tailored: Sessions are based on your readiness to make a change.

Readiness To Change   

 UnknownChanging behavior is challenging.  And there are 6 stages of shown to the right that we all go through in our efforts to change. So ‘action’ occurs only after pre-contemplation, contemplation, and preparation. So wellness coaching is a perfect way to explore where you are in the process, your reasons for changing while, and a previous obstacles. We’ll work work through these steps, strengthen your commitment, tap into your motivation, and move toward change. All the while we acknowledge the circular patterns of behavior rather than a linear ‘success or failure’.

Scheduling: Contact Carol to schedule your appointment.

  • Appointments are typically 15 – 60 minutes
  • Scheduling in small groups is an option
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly appointments ensure momentum, enthusiasm, and support

“I found the experience enjoyable much more so than I would’ve anticipated. My expectations were that I might be faced with realities of how poor some of my habits were and disappointment in myself on those aspects but it wasn’t like that at all. My experience was very nonthreatening, guilt free, in a very positive experience.  Carol had some great strategies that weren’t painful like I might’ve expected and were actually quite enjoyable to implement.” Client Sarah P