Private Coaching

Working one on one with a coach develops a special bond which can’t be underestimated. Whether you need someone to hold you accountable or simply another set of eyes, I can help. I have developed as a visionary and compassionate leader in the human movement field through years of experience watching bodies move in space. Years of expertise in the field enable me to take you to the next level.

Private lessons are tailor-made for the seriously committed mover. This may supplement  larger group classes and facilitates accelerated progress. In these private sessions, I speak specifically to the individual in front of me, addressing their personal challenges and individual needs. Ultimately, the goal is to have a clear road map for practice in order to serve long-term objectives.

  • improving individual weaknesses
  • better communication w instructor
  • reviewing basics
  • injury prevention
  • applying feedback
  • skills development
  • improving strength, flexibility, and balance
  • refining movement quality
  • injury rehab
  • moving beyond a plateau
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“You have helped me grow so much as a dancer! I had so much fun!” student Paige