Virtual Movement Classes






  • This 65 minute conditioning video, Ballet Warm-Up, Foot Strengthener, and Stretch begins with strengthening for the feet and ankles-20 minutes, continues to a short barre-20 minutes, and finishes with a stretch-20 minutes. Check it out!
  • This 6 minute video, Hip Flexor Stretch-The Bedroom Series, is for elongating/stretching the front of our hips. For those of you without a home workout studio who want to use common household props, in this case a bed, this will help facilitate your fitness. You can also use the back of a couch, a chair, an ottoman (perhaps on it’s side), etc. suited to your height and flexibility. Or simply stretch on the floor!
  • The foot is called upon to carry you through a lifetime yet we pay little attention to keeping the muscles flexible, strong, and balanced. In this 7 minute video, we give the dogs some love! Foot Exercises-The Bedroom Series  
  • This 6 minute Hamstring Stretch – The Bedroom Series invites you to again use common household props such as your bed, the back of the couch, a chair, bookcase, etc, to stay flexible even without getting on the floor or going to the gym or studio.
  • And at 7 minutes, More Hamstring Stretching reminds us that because our hip flexors move us around all day each day, flexing far more than they extend, it’s understandable that the hamstrings are tight and need a lot of attention in order to keep our hips balanced and injury free.

“Thank you so much Ms Carol! You helped me find my turn-out and helped me grow so much as a dancer” student Adrian