Why Study Dance

Why study Dance?


Dance engages the mind, body and spirit and provides opportunities for the development of physical, expressive, “critical, imaginative, appreciative and perceptive abilities” (Bannon & Sanderson 2000). Students develop as creative, complex thinkers, effective communicators, reflective and independent learners and participants in an interdependent world as they study and participate in various dance contexts, genres and styles.

What is studied?

Students critically examine their experiences and understandings of dance and dance forms, exploring the interrelationship between practical and theoretical aspects of dance. Students learn to choreograph, perform and appreciate dance works.

Through choreography and performance, students engage in problem solving and critical reflection in individual and group circumstances. Through choreography, students explore, manipulate, integrate and structure movement to reflect an intent which may be to create meaning, express personal or social ideas, tell stories and entertain. Through performance, students gain understandings of technical competencies and expressive skills. Students examine how and why dance reflects the contexts in which it is created by reflecting on, responding to and evaluating various dance genres and styles. Students then use these understandings to inform their dance making and appreciation of dance works.

*from the Queensland senior syllabus  (Australia) 

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