The Dance Competition Trap

I’m often asked my opinion of dance competitions in my art form and although I’m not a big fan, I understand that many business owners are compelled financially to offer these events. I would however encourage educating the parents with newsletters and a great website with the pros and cons of these expensive and often shallow experiences.  But beyond that, sometimes offering kids exposure to this side of the business and additional performing opportunities is a good thing. However, the quote below should be considered in creating well-rounded, strong dancers:

“Competitions reward an aesthetic that’s sassy, in-your-face, show-offy. But dance is about sharing, not showing off. Students who have done well in competitions fall into the trap of thinking their technique is perfect, when there are many aspects of being an artist that they need to discover. They’ve been taught that when they win, they are at a peak. They haven’t yet seen that learning is life-long.” Susan Shields

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