The Changing World of Yoga

The yoga world is changing almost as fast as the dance world with the many forms and iterations tumbling over one another, trying to be first in line for your attention. The public never tires of the novel ways to move on their mats but having done it all, or so it seems, I’m all about the focused and meditative in my own practice. Oh, I can teach it all- yoga on the beach, fitness yoga, hot yoga, morning yoga, yoga at the park at sunrise, flirty girl fitness yoga, yoga to drums, etc etc etc…. And I’m glad to and even enjoy the challenge of teaching all those forms and helping students understand how awesome yoga can be. But what’s so special about the diversity is there’s something for everyone with yoga. And all it takes is the discipline to get yourself to the class, the willingness to accept the redundant nature of routine as master and teacher, the compassion to treat yourself well, each and every day.


March 2013 Yoga Update


The Rod Stryker Prana Shakti Master Training course at the end of February 2013 was phenomenal! The test for the course, The Path of Fire and Light by Swami Rama was concise and informative. Continue reading