March 2013 Yoga Update


The Rod Stryker Prana Shakti Master Training course at the end of February 2013 was phenomenal! The test for the course, The Path of Fire and Light by Swami Rama was concise and informative. This engaging book reviews pranayama and meditation practices that are part of the tantric yoga tradition and kept alive through an oral tradition that dates back centuries. It paints a vivid picture of the path of self-transformation that is available to those willing to methodically adopt these practices.

Some might ask why Yoga is so special and clearly the answer is subjective. Some people come to yoga for the asana pose practice and, over time, come to appreciate the deeper spiritual meaning. Others are first attracted to the spiritual and find the asana later. Because of a rigorous dance career, I fell into the latter category, finding the peace and tranquility of a meditation practice a welcome addition to my life. Whatever your orientation, everyone can benefit from a more supple body, mind, and spirit.

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