It comes as a surprise to many that the world of dance training is experiencing tremendous change because of the research of some very brilliant dance physiotherapists and the strong shoulders they stand upon-the pioneers of dance medicine. And as they pass this knowledge down to the committed teachers that hopefully teach in your area, everyone benefits as the form and function of dance continues to make this world a better place.

For as long as people have danced, injuries related to the movement arts have been analyzed and studied. And even the relatively short period of time that I myself have been studying human movement, so much has changed. Committed dance educators everywhere are saying the same thing – in our lifetime, there’s been a massive amount of information we can now use to help our students dance longer, dance safer, and dance more efficiently. There are many people to thank for this wealth of information even though, as you can imagine, funding for such study is scarce. But dance has adapted in spite of it and students are lucky to have teachers that continue to learn and hone their craft for the good of the art form.



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