Girls Just Wanna, Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

For my July weddings, I restored one of my mom’s hats- it was a great creative challenge, complete with one of her broaches. My girlfriend Jennifer, middle, mother of the groom is in the middle. We often underestimate a these simple pleasures however it’s so good for the soul!IMG_2420

2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna, Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

  1. Hi Carol. I was so happy to see you wear the restored hat that once belonged to you Mom on Hat Attack. It’s a beauty; thank you for sharing.

    I see that you reside in Minneapolis. I am from Minnesota and went to school in Minneapolis. Also, my daughter was a dancer, winning a scholarship with Fordham University and the Alvin Ailey Dance School, and graduated with a BFA about eight years ago. I became passionate about dance during that time. I admire what you do!

    • And I admire what you do Judith! What a small world it is. I am beginning my transition away from the dance world – after so many decades of dancing and teaching, I am a dance crone haha! But I hope your daughter has remained in the field and is finding success on her own terms!! I don’t regret a thing 🙂

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