Adrenal Burn-Out

At one time or another, we’ve all suffered exhaustion. End of school term, recitals, finals, moving, caring for loved ones – the list is endless but the solutions might confuse us. whinerAlready fatigued, we’re in no position to make sound decisions based on what’s right for each individual. That’s where a patient advocate comes in – a trusted supporter who has our best interests in mind and is thinking far more clearly than we are at that moment.

That said, there are general areas we need to explore to heal as quickly and completely as possible. Long term exhaustion can permanently damage our mental and physical health and that is the primary intent of this post. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY OR YOU MAY PAY FOR YOUR NEGLECT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! With help from your advocate;

  • Review your diet
  • Investigate what created the stress
  • Evaluate your fluid intake
  • Assess your sleep patterns
  • Examine how you care for yourself
  • Question your physical routine
  • Lovingly make a plan for renewed health

I’ve had the good fortune of excellent health during my life but I’ve taken responsible steps to stay informed and not depend on health pros to do my work for me. Not because I’m clever however. Mostly this happened because I’ve been underinsured most of my life and couldn’t depend on the health care system because of the cost. But every ache and pain has some explanation and if you make a habit of listening, the human body generously delivers the answer.

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