Dancers and Teachers

Lisa Howell

DSC00316All of Lisa’s work is exceptional and if you’re unfamiliar with her extensive website(s!!), blogs, and you tube videos, you will be amazed at how much she gives away in her effort to further inform the field of dance about the latest and greatest exercise science findings. She is author of the fantastic book, THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK, and invaluable resource for dancers going onto pointe and for those who teach them. Start here- you can spend months and not get through all of her work- some for sale and some for free.

Deborah Vogel

Deborah Vogel is another giant in the field of dance/movement science although her web presence is not nearly as extensive (not as many people working for her)

Arts Alive

One of the most exciting dance websites authored by the country of Canada- I found it on the back page of the Sunday comics, no kidding!!!

Dance Magazine College Guide

An excellent resource for dancers who hope to include dance in their futures beyond high school, this guide has excellent filters and makes the job super easy!!

Dancer’s Supplies

Discount Dance Supply has been helping dancers dress for many years and although their prices might seem a bit less than your local dance wear shop, shipping costs and returns are frustrating and expensive. But if you can’t find it at your local studio or store, give them a try.

Dance Jobs


Finis Jhung

Summer Study

Dr. Weil’s Food Pyramid

Dance Injuries