Teacher Training

Training Workshops

My personal mission of carrying on the oral traditions of dance as an art form motivated the creation of training workshops that share knowledge and best practices. I would like to acknowledge the masters who have influenced my training and mentoring as well as express gratitude to everyone I’ve worked with, especially  my family from whom I’ve learned so much.

There are a few different ways to train teachers. One is the traditional format where we sit together, exchange information, share experiences, and question assumptions and practices. The other, far more informative I believe, is where I am in the classroom with students while other teachers observe. This allows me to explain why we teach what we teach while others observe .

And then there is the team approach. This explores industry standards for teaching dance (as determined by the National Dance Education Organization in conjunction with arts organizations worldwide) that include: developing your own goals, objectives, and value systems for teaching dance (to any age in any environment); understanding the content, the students, and their needs; incorporating diverse resources into your program; addressing the need to grow as a professionals and contribute to the profession; building your program in your community; and reflecting on your own teaching practice utilizing student and teacher assessments, program evaluation, and research.

Let me know if I can help facilitate any of the above to improve your teaching, your curriculum development, and your overall program.

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“I had a great time. I realized elements were missed in my own training from various studios.  So for me it was nice to hear and see some new terminonology as well as progressions, that I probably should have already known. We would love to work with you again in the future, so please stay in touch.”  studio owner Nicole